Sustainability Governance

Aptech Group follows the Group’s sustainability strategy aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN). The Group’s sustainability framework is supervised by a Board-level Sustainability Committee.


Aptech Industrial Park Net Zero 2050 Vision and decarbonization roadmap 1PointFive was formed to help curb the rise in global temperatures to 1.5°C by commercializing technologies with the potential to help CO₂ emitters address their emissions at an industrial scale. Our vision is to create a low-carbon economy where CO₂ is used as a resource to create new low-carbon products

  • Internal Environmental Key Performance Indicators (EKPI) monitoring
  • Water stewardship and chemical management
  • Zero landfill vision

The architecture of its Aptech industrial park manifests the group’s conviction of a sustainable workplace. At APTECH, every step forward is a venture towards uniting business with the people and the planet. Aptech provides a healthy and welcoming ambience for its workforce. The site is perfectly situated with adequate open space, fresh air and native greenery, and it has eco-friendly features like heat-resistant and carbon-free building materials, among others. The project uses major solar-generated electricity and air ventilation system to maintain comfortable room temperatures and reduce energy use. Rainwater is harvested in a pond and stored for later use. Aptech has accumulated several prestigious awards and accolades. Reputed brands from around the globe collaborate with Aptech, expressing full confidence with it regularly

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